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In 2017, I decided to embark on the journey of private practice in counseling. I knew community work wasn’t for me and that I couldn’t do my best work as a therapist in that setting. From there, Inspire Coaching and Counseling Services, LLC was born.

Over these years, I have been able to help countless people heal and grow into the best version of themselves. In the middle of 2021, I found myself reflecting on an endeavor I wanted to pursue back in 2018. I believe that therapists are multifaceted and can do more than sit across from clients. I wanted to expand my Inspire brand.

I realized there wasn’t much out there promoting healing and healthy living as far as clothing was concerned, especially by healers themselves. My tagline for my practice is, “Inspire, the spark that lights the flame.” And from that phrase, Lumière was born!!! Lumière means “light” in French, a language I have studied for years. My goal is to help people be the light they are called to be.

Lumière is a healing-promoting lifestyle brand. I want to create items that allow you to show your dedication to healing yourself and finding pride in that.

So welcome, and be sure to shine bright like the Lumière you are😊

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